Flat Roof Leak – Leak Appearing on Ceiling Below

Do you have a flat roof leak in your home?

Has a leak appeared in a random place on the ceiling below?

There is nothing more confusing then a flat roof leak. Put simply, it could be coming from anywhere.

flat roof leak

So what can you do about a leak coming from the roof… tear down the ceiling and wait for the next lot of rain, or is there an easier way?

What normally happens with roofs leaks (and any other leak for that matter), is that water will follow the path of least resistance and pool in one spot. The photo to the left is a perfect example. Thermal imaging is usually the fastest way to follow the track of the leak, as the infrared camera isn’t detecting water, it’s detecting the minute temperature difference of where the water has recently been.

Some people are happy to chase their tail to find the leak, whilst others would prefer to remain sane and get the leak detected asap. When it comes to water pooling in the middle of your ceiling, the leak source is usually far away from where the water has actually pooled and penetrating through… that’s just the low point.

Thermal imaging leak detection is what we do, so don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote if your flat roof is leaking.