Moisture Inspections

Moisture inspections in NZ are certainly saving families from financial & health risks when buying a home!

Have you had your home tested for moisture levels lately?

We specialise in moisture inspections using an infrared camera (to detect signs of hidden moisture behind walls), and a non-invasive moisture testing machine. Please note that we do not need to damage walls or any part of your house to find signs of moisture.

Yesterday we inspected a home north of Auckland that felt damp from the very moment we walked in. After conducting the moisture inspection, the results told the story… the home owners bedroom was surrounded by moist walls! The reason the lady called us in the first place was because she was finding it hard to sleep in one of the rooms of the house. She said that each morning she found it was getting harder and harder to breathe then normal. Since recognising it may be an ‘unexplained’ issue in the bedroom, she’s been sleeping in another room, and waking up feeling fine as a result.

Moisture inspections only take 1.5 -2 hours, and can make all the difference to your families health.

Has someone in your home got unexplained health problems?

Contact us for an infrared moisture test on your home today! 

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