Sick Building Syndrome in NZ

Does Your Home or Office Suffer From the Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)?

A breathe of fresh air, or a breathe of mould spores?

Everyday, we all naturally breath thousands of times without even giving it a second thought. Fortunately NZ outdoor air quality is generally of high quality, which is good news for those working outside. The problem facing NZ homes and offices is the air quality on the inside of homes, and the more the topic is researched, the more ‘interesting’ information is surfacing about indoor air quality in NZ. In a nutshell, poor air quality in the home and office can make you sick… and could well explain those ‘unexpected’ sneeze attacks, asthma attacks and fatigue that we all encounter from time to time (some more often than others).

What does ‘Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)’ mean?

The phrase ‘Sick Building Syndrome’ is a generic name used to cover several different health issues in the home that we can not see with the human eye. The good folk in the 1970s began using the name ‘SBS’ to describe the mysterious, unexplained reactions and symptoms that everyday people began reporting in increased numbers. After years of research, it has now been determined that SBS in a result of poor indoor air quality.

Did you know: A thermal imaging inspection on your home could determine areas of excess moisture hiding behind your walls which could be causing ‘sick building syndrome’ in your home or office? Details about an infrared scan of your home for mould and moisture here.

Common Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) in NZ Homes.

All the usual suspects that interfer with our quality of life such as headaches, dizziness, lethargy, sniffing, fatigue, nausea, sneezing, sniffing, eye irritation and sensitivity to mould (mold) spores and certain odours are all symptoms of sick building syndrome.

Find it hard to get out of bed some mornings? Did you ever consider you could be breathing in dead mould spores into your system all night long? Damp and hidden moisture behind walls are the likely to cause mould growth in your home.

Do you suspect poor indoor air quality in your home or office? Contact us today for a complete thermal imaging scan of the ‘area of concern’, we can detect the hidden moisture problems in your home or office… fast! If your health and general quality of life isn’t where it should be, take action today!

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