How to Find a Burst Water Pipe or Leak Under the Ground?

Do you suspect a burst water pipe, or water leak under ground?

 Before you call a plumber to come and rip apart your yard to ‘try to find’ a water leak, there’s a fast solution that could potentially pinpoint the water leak under the ground without needing to touch your dirt. If you can find the leak first, then the problem can be addressed directly, reducing the amount time needed to fix the leak.

  • Blocked Drains Cleared Using Drainage Cleaning Machines
  • Hot Water Cylinder Leak Repairs
  • How to Convert Low Pressure to Mains Pressure
  • Leaks Pinpointed Without Digging up the Whole Yard!
  • Sewer Lines
  • Drainlaying
  • Pump Stations
  • Drain Unblocking
  • Unblock Sinks & Toilets
  • Septic Tanks and Grease Traps



NZ companies who find underground leaks and detect pipes…

South and East AucklandHOWICK PLUMBING




In some cases, you might notice your bore water pump (or any pump) not switching off automatically… this could also be signs of an underground leak.

Please read this short article that explains how:

How Home Owners Can Detect a Water Leak Under the Ground

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