NZ Moisture Reports & Testing – Pre Purchase

Moisture Reports are Critical When Buying a Home!

A pre purchase property report for moisture detection is almost common place now in NZ. Buyers, sellers, lawyers, real estate agents and   even family and friends will all suggest getting the property tested for moisture with a report… normally a thermal imaging report for leaks also. Moisture inspections & reports on leaky homes, or potential leaky buildings will even be recommended by the banks now!

This website literally has 100’s of pages of information and photo’s of moisture problems, and general information about which homes are the most likely to leak. You could spend hours reading through this info! If after you finish reading the articles you don’t think a thermal scan and moisture report is worth your while, then maybe you should reconsider purchasing the property… especially if it was built between 1992 – 2004 . Older homes leak also… even if it has treated timber framing. You need to know Before purchasing.


Other things to consider is if the home has treated timber. Treated timber framing can still rot if enough water gets onto it… but it generally stays isolated to the general area where the leak and moisture is. We can now do a timber treatment test to determine if your home, or the home you are looking to purchase has treated framing in the external walls. Call and ask for a free quote.

If you rush to buy, or get pushed to buy, feel free to call us after you move in and find the first sign of a leak. The first question we will ask you is “Did you get a moisture test or thermal imaging report prior to purchasing?”. Ok, I think i’ve made the point. (Sorry, but i’ve inspected so many house now in NZ, and have seen just about every devastating scenario. As we don’t know each other, all I can do is warn you as best I can).

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