NZ Moisture Reports & Testing – Pre Purchase

Moisture Reports are Critical When Buying a Home!

A pre purchase property report for moisture detection is almost common place now in NZ. Buyers, sellers, lawyers, real estate agents and   even family and friends will all suggest getting the property tested for moisture with a report… normally a thermal imaging report for leaks also. Moisture inspections & reports on leaky homes, or potential leaky buildings will even be recommended by the banks now!

This website literally has 100’s of pages of information and photo’s of moisture problems, and general information about which homes are the most likely to leak. You could spend hours reading through this info! If after you finish reading the articles you don’t think a thermal scan and moisture report is worth your while, then maybe you should reconsider purchasing the property… especially if it was built between 1992 – 2004 . Older homes leak also… even if it has treated timber framing. You need to know Before purchasing.


Other things to consider is if the home has treated timber. Treated timber framing can still rot if enough water gets onto it… but it generally stays isolated to the general area where the leak and moisture is. We can now do a timber treatment test to determine if your home, or the home you are looking to purchase has treated framing in the external walls. Call and ask for a free quote.

If you rush to buy, or get pushed to buy, feel free to call us after you move in and find the first sign of a leak. The first question we will ask you is “Did you get a moisture test or thermal imaging report prior to purchasing?”. Ok, I think i’ve made the point. (Sorry, but i’ve inspected so many house now in NZ, and have seen just about every devastating scenario. As we don’t know each other, all I can do is warn you as best I can).

Do Moisture Inspection Results Get Published on My LIM Report?

Are you considering getting an infrared moisture inspection on your home?

Worried about the test results becoming public knowledge?

One of the main questions home owners have prior to getting their home tested for moisture levels, is “Will the results will be forwarded to any third party?”. Put your fears to rest if this is you, because that doesn’t happen with our company.

100% Guarantee: We do not discuss your results, nor do we forward your infrared inspection results to any third party (that includes real estate agents). The report is forwarded to you directly, and that’s where it stops… period. What you do with the report beyond that point is up to you.

This topic came up during a moisture inspection on a home in Auckland recently. After coming across one area that did show signs of moisture, the home owner was in a complete panic that their LIM report for the property was going to be blemished, and potential buyers for the home would end up finding out. Not the case at all.

All moisture inspections with our company are 100% confidential… guaranteed.

Pre Purchase Moisture Inspection Saves Another Unsuspecting Kiwi Home Buyer!

Can’t decide whether you should get a pre purchase moisture inspection before buying?

Some building inspectors could miss the hidden moisture issues within a building envelope if they don’t use an infra red camera!

One of my clients was just days from going unconditional on a home recently in West Harbour, and at the last moment decided to get a non-invasive moisture inspection on the home for a peace of mind on his families $800,000 purchase. This was a very wise decision, and here’s what he had to say about it….

$800,000 that was what we had signed up on, it was a huge 5 bedroom house we were going to buy.
Dean’s very professional and prompted service saved us from buying this property which was a leaky home. Nearly every room had a leak or excessive moisture. We can’t thank him enough and every home buyer no matter how much they like the house must get this company in to do the thermal imaging. It may save them hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did for us and stress that would of come with it. The house was checked on the 2/07/08.” John S – West Harbour

The point here is that no matter how great the home looks (like this one in West Harbour), you can’t be too careful when investing large sums of money on a home purchase. John almost got caught bigtime! Can you imagine the stress this would have caused within the family long-term?? Please remember that a thermal imaging camera can see what no human can see (building inspectors included), so at least investigate the option of an infra red scan of your future home, because it’ll be to late once the deal is done.

Moisture Inspection – Specific For NZ Home Owners

Moisture inspections are critical in NZ due to the wet climate. We conduct non-invasive thermal imaging moisture inspections for both current home owners and pre purchase inspections.

Here’s an outline of why you should consider NZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd to perform a moisture inspection on your property …

Current home owners – See details and thermal imaging photos of typical moisture ingress

Pre Purchase Inspections – Don’t buy a home until you read this!

Contact Us today for a moisture detection scan today!

How to Fix Moisture & Leak Damage Around the Home

If you’re looking for a simple way to fix moisture or leak damage around the home, there is many ways to fix a leak… but the big question is this… how far has the moisture damage behind the wall or ceiling travelled?

Take a look at this photo for a moment, then test your leak detection skills by answering a couple of ‘home handyman’ questions underneath the photo…

Water Leak Detection Using Thermal Imaging

This leak is quite obvious right? Well no it’s not really, because if you didn’t have this thermal imaging photo to begin with, you may have needed to rip down the walls to find the extent of it.

Is the leak from the bathroom above? It could be. But it could also be coming from the roof or window joinery in the bathroom above… and eventually tracking down both walls. So do you take the risk of pulling down the walls in this photo, and the walls in the bathroom above … only to find it was from the shower pan? It’s coming from somewhere up above… we know that much. Time to gamble … or is it better to get a thermal imaging scan done to reveal the leak source within minutes?

So how far has the problem really extended? This photo shows water above the window. The insulation could also be storing moisture in the dark blue area.

Is that a faint air leak coming out of the edge of the cornice on the ceiling side? Did you even see that? This is why we provide a service that reveals ‘things’ that the human eye can’t see. Air leaks in insulation… and in this case the wall/ceiling juncture isn’t sealed properly. These types of issues will drive up your home energy bill.

Our company can detect a leak fast… and certainly save you alot of time. Problems like the above can really start to suck the equity out of your home if you don’t get it identified and fixed… and the structural integrity of your home is sub-standard and costly to repair.

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