Do Moisture Inspection Results Get Published on My LIM Report?

Are you considering getting an infrared moisture inspection on your home?

Worried about the test results becoming public knowledge?

One of the main questions home owners have prior to getting their home tested for moisture levels, is “Will the results will be forwarded to any third party?”. Put your fears to rest if this is you, because that doesn’t happen with our company.

100% Guarantee: We do not discuss your results, nor do we forward your infrared inspection results to any third party (that includes real estate agents). The report is forwarded to you directly, and that’s where it stops… period. What you do with the report beyond that point is up to you.

This topic came up during a moisture inspection on a home in Auckland recently. After coming across one area that did show signs of moisture, the home owner was in a complete panic that their LIM report for the property was going to be blemished, and potential buyers for the home would end up finding out. Not the case at all.

All moisture inspections with our company are 100% confidential… guaranteed.