Pre Purchase Moisture Inspection Saves Another Unsuspecting Kiwi Home Buyer!

Can’t decide whether you should get a pre purchase moisture inspection before buying?

Some building inspectors could miss the hidden moisture issues within a building envelope if they don’t use an infra red camera!

One of my clients was just days from going unconditional on a home recently in West Harbour, and at the last moment decided to get a non-invasive moisture inspection on the home for a peace of mind on his families $800,000 purchase. This was a very wise decision, and here’s what he had to say about it….

$800,000 that was what we had signed up on, it was a huge 5 bedroom house we were going to buy.
Dean’s very professional and prompted service saved us from buying this property which was a leaky home. Nearly every room had a leak or excessive moisture. We can’t thank him enough and every home buyer no matter how much they like the house must get this company in to do the thermal imaging. It may save them hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did for us and stress that would of come with it. The house was checked on the 2/07/08.” John S – West Harbour

The point here is that no matter how great the home looks (like this one in West Harbour), you can’t be too careful when investing large sums of money on a home purchase. John almost got caught bigtime! Can you imagine the stress this would have caused within the family long-term?? Please remember that a thermal imaging camera can see what no human can see (building inspectors included), so at least investigate the option of an infra red scan of your future home, because it’ll be to late once the deal is done.