How to Fix Moisture & Leak Damage Around the Home

If you’re looking for a simple way to fix moisture or leak damage around the home, there is many ways to fix a leak… but the big question is this… how far has the moisture damage behind the wall or ceiling travelled?

Take a look at this photo for a moment, then test your leak detection skills by answering a couple of ‘home handyman’ questions underneath the photo…

Water Leak Detection Using Thermal Imaging

This leak is quite obvious right? Well no it’s not really, because if you didn’t have this thermal imaging photo to begin with, you may have needed to rip down the walls to find the extent of it.

Is the leak from the bathroom above? It could be. But it could also be coming from the roof or window joinery in the bathroom above… and eventually tracking down both walls. So do you take the risk of pulling down the walls in this photo, and the walls in the bathroom above … only to find it was from the shower pan? It’s coming from somewhere up above… we know that much. Time to gamble … or is it better to get a thermal imaging scan done to reveal the leak source within minutes?

So how far has the problem really extended? This photo shows water above the window. The insulation could also be storing moisture in the dark blue area.

Is that a faint air leak coming out of the edge of the cornice on the ceiling side? Did you even see that? This is why we provide a service that reveals ‘things’ that the human eye can’t see. Air leaks in insulation… and in this case the wall/ceiling juncture isn’t sealed properly. These types of issues will drive up your home energy bill.

Our company can detect a leak fast… and certainly save you alot of time. Problems like the above can really start to suck the equity out of your home if you don’t get it identified and fixed… and the structural integrity of your home is sub-standard and costly to repair.

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How to Find Excess Moisture Around the Home, and the Immediate Effects Moisture Has On Your Health

Moisture and leak detection in your home – Don’t let the early signs slide, otherwise your home equity can vanish real quick through ‘unforeseen’ structural problems behind your walls. Just like humans can get cancer, so can your home and it’s normally undetected moisture that’s the problem!

Moisture in your home can be good, and it can be bad. When you do achieve the correct balance you need within the home, your health and the health of your building is ensured. But when you have too much moisture, your building can fail in many ways that can not only damage the structure, but affect you and your family’s health and well-being. Are you or your child possibly sleeping next to a damp wall that could be full of mold spores? Are you breathing them in?

When moisture is at a balanced level in our home, we are not even aware of it, and certainly can’t ‘see’ that the level is correct. But when the moisture balance gets out of whack, it always marks its territory in not so obvious places… and we don’t usually see these places until it’s all to late: rotting wood, wet walls, rusting metal, moldy surfaces, condensation on windows, peeling paint etc. Depending on your sensitivities, you may experience dryness in your nose and respiratory system when moisture is insufficient, or experience allergic reactions.

One of the many things you will learn about your home from our moisture detection service is that it’s not always natural causes that contribute to filling your walls and ceiling with moisture. The majority of the time, the moisture leak issue in your home can be traced back to the mistakes that builders, plumbers, contractors, building materials, manufacturers and designers make when your building envelope is pieced together right from the very beginning. Did you know in NZ there’s been cases of new homes being built, and suffering from moisture ingress and leaks from day 1?

Do not risk buying a home in NZ before getting a thermal imaging scan… the numbers are stacked against you. Here’s another BIG benefit of using our service in the process of buying a home… this idea is very logical, but most home buyers haven’t even thought of it… details here.

We are a specialised moisture detection company in NZ using certified thermal imaging camera operators, and we can certainly fast track the process of moisture detection in your home.

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