Moisture Meter Inspection Useful to Avoid Buying a Home Full of Rotting Timber.

Below you will find a link to a checklist that will  help you to avoid buying a ‘lemon’… yes, some walls are full of water and you can’t see it with the naked eye.

If you’re a first home buyer, don’t fall into the ’emotional’ trap of buying the first good looking, well priced, recently renovated home you see. Always get a certified inspector to come and do a moisture reading on the home first. The inspector should obviously be carrying a moisture meter, but in addition, a thermal imaging camera like our inspectors carry. This is how we detect where the leak begins and ends.

The NZ Herald recently posted this article… and as you’ll read, just about every home will leak at some point in its life, it’s just a matter of you being on the ball and detecting it early before it becomes destructive. Here’s the article…

Beginners Guide to Avoid Buying a Rotting House

Call us for a ‘check up’ to see what’s happening behind your walls!

We can see what the naked eye can’t!

How to Fix Moisture & Leak Damage Around the Home

If you’re looking for a simple way to fix moisture or leak damage around the home, there is many ways to fix a leak… but the big question is this… how far has the moisture damage behind the wall or ceiling travelled?

Take a look at this photo for a moment, then test your leak detection skills by answering a couple of ‘home handyman’ questions underneath the photo…

Water Leak Detection Using Thermal Imaging

This leak is quite obvious right? Well no it’s not really, because if you didn’t have this thermal imaging photo to begin with, you may have needed to rip down the walls to find the extent of it.

Is the leak from the bathroom above? It could be. But it could also be coming from the roof or window joinery in the bathroom above… and eventually tracking down both walls. So do you take the risk of pulling down the walls in this photo, and the walls in the bathroom above … only to find it was from the shower pan? It’s coming from somewhere up above… we know that much. Time to gamble … or is it better to get a thermal imaging scan done to reveal the leak source within minutes?

So how far has the problem really extended? This photo shows water above the window. The insulation could also be storing moisture in the dark blue area.

Is that a faint air leak coming out of the edge of the cornice on the ceiling side? Did you even see that? This is why we provide a service that reveals ‘things’ that the human eye can’t see. Air leaks in insulation… and in this case the wall/ceiling juncture isn’t sealed properly. These types of issues will drive up your home energy bill.

Our company can detect a leak fast… and certainly save you alot of time. Problems like the above can really start to suck the equity out of your home if you don’t get it identified and fixed… and the structural integrity of your home is sub-standard and costly to repair.

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