DIY Rent, Hire or Buy Moisture Meter for Sale

DIY – Now you can keep a close eye on the moisture levels in your house on a regular basis!

Our company tests homes using an electronic moisture meter almost everyday in NZ, and a very common question we get asked is…

 “Where can I buy a moisture meter in NZ the same as yours to monitor the house for leaks in the future?”

Due to the fact we offer moisture detection services, it didn’t make sense for us to share the ‘trade secrets’, but we’ve now changed our approach to help more home owners stay in touch with their biggest asset.

Rather than shop around for moisture meter suppliers in NZ (and get confused), we can now sell you the same type of non-invasive testing equipment we use!

You can own your own hand held monitor to keep a close eye on the moisture content of the wood in your home. Great for shower leaks, window leaks and general moisture level monitoring… especially if you own a plaster home!

Why is this a logical investment? Buying a brand new moisture meter works out to be a similar price as an inspection would anyway! In addition, not only can you use it  in your own home, but also family and friends homes!

The type of meter we use isn’t the cheap type … it’s a high quality meter used by professionals, and made in NZ for NZ conditions!

If you’ve been wondering how to test your house for leaks and moisture without putting any holes in the wall… this is it!

Moisture Meter Inspection Useful to Avoid Buying a Home Full of Rotting Timber.

Below you will find a link to a checklist that will  help you to avoid buying a ‘lemon’… yes, some walls are full of water and you can’t see it with the naked eye.

If you’re a first home buyer, don’t fall into the ’emotional’ trap of buying the first good looking, well priced, recently renovated home you see. Always get a certified inspector to come and do a moisture reading on the home first. The inspector should obviously be carrying a moisture meter, but in addition, a thermal imaging camera like our inspectors carry. This is how we detect where the leak begins and ends.

The NZ Herald recently posted this article… and as you’ll read, just about every home will leak at some point in its life, it’s just a matter of you being on the ball and detecting it early before it becomes destructive. Here’s the article…

Beginners Guide to Avoid Buying a Rotting House

Call us for a ‘check up’ to see what’s happening behind your walls!

We can see what the naked eye can’t!