Pre-Rental House Inspections

Why would you get a leak inspection prior to renting a house?

It has recently come to our attention that many rental properties are being letted out to tenants with leaking problems, without notifing the tenant first. Just this week, we’ve have around 8 calls from tenants indicating they could be living in a leaky home, and are worried about the health problems associated with leaky buildings. In particular, black mould spores on the back of curtains and behind walls. Not healthy for children. Click here if the home you live in has  mould on the curtains.

One call we had from a tenant was regarding a landlord who refuses to fix a leak behind a shower. Not only is this unhealthy to the tenants (and potentially raising their power bill if it’s hot water pipe leak), but the wall will be rotting away under the term ‘gradual leak damage’.

We can provide you a moisture report before renting a house, especially if someone in your family suffers from allergies. Better to be safe than sorry!

Give us a call for a free quote. We can even do a verbal inspection and leak test without a report which is the cheaper option, but the results are the same… just without the reporting.

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