Solid Raglan Bach Fails Leak & Moisture Building Inspection

 Are you considering buying a good old Kiwi Bach?

Today I did a pre purchase moisture and thermal imaging inspection on a Raglan bach, and the results were not as expected from a solid 1950’s built home.

From time to time my clients will ask “Do I really need a moisture inspection on a home built before 1992?”. The answer is certainly “YES”… here’s why. It’s not only homes that were built when the building code was relaxed in the 90’s that may potentially leak, other homes built outside of ‘that period’ are also vulnerable to moisture ingress due to wear and tear.

This Raglan bach looked sturdy as can be, but all was not as appeared. No matter how solid a home looks, an unsealed penetration on the exterior cladding or roof will let water in sooner rather than later. Unless leaks are caught early, damage may occur that you simply can’t see when doing a regular building inspection on a home. The part that worries me most is that some unsuspecting home buyer will have no idea there are major signs of moisture behind the wall of this bach until it’s all too late.

Protect your future and don’t turn a blind eye to what could be lurking within the walls of your future home!

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