What Causes Mould on Curtains

Have you got a HUGE  health hazard covering your windows?

Mouldy curtains can be very unhealthy, and you wouldn’t even suspect it. Curtains are normally very absorbent to moisture, and act like a big sponge to any moist air in the room… especially bedrooms. Once the mould starts to grow on the back of curtains, you ‘officially’ have mould spores flying around the room when you open up the curtains. Not very healthy!

What causes mould to grow on curtains?

Apart from moist air in the room, it’s the condensation on windows that cause bad mould issues. Wet windows are sitting right next to the curtains and basically transfer wet air directly onto the curtains, nets or blinds… especially when they touch the window! Single glazed windows don’t help the cause either.

So how do you stop condensation which causes mold?

You can try 2 very popular products called:

‘Curtain Magic Mould Remover’ and…

‘Condensation Magic’. 


At the end of the day, there are so many cases where home owners are living and sleeping in a rooms full of floating airbourne toxic black mould spores and they don’t do anything about it! Take action today, and breathe easy tomorrow.