Home Making You Sick? Moisture, Mould and Dust.

Moisture, mould, dust and dirty carpet… that’s what we found in an NZ home today when conducting a thermal imaging inspection!

Do you consistently get allergies that comprimise your quality of life?

When you have a health situation that you can’t explain or find the cure for (such as an irritation to your system like sneezing or coughing), then it comes down to a process of elimination. Q. What are you most commonly surrounded by that could be the catalyst ‘setting off’ your allergies? A. The walls of your home (literally), and all the contents inbetween.

Today we inspected a home with a wicked combination of factors that is having a real health impact on its residents. To confirm my thoughts of what I saw in this house, when I left the home I had excess mucus build up in my throat for the next 3 hrs! That’s not an everyday moisture inspection result (thankfully), but it was a result of only 2 hrs in that house… so can you imagine the impact it’s having on the home owners living in there everyday!

The carpet was old and full of dust, the rooms were full of clutter like rugs, cushions and excess couches. All these additional unused ‘bits and peices’ are moisture and dust sponges. In addition there was moisture in the walls. The moisture content of the home is the main issue here, and the home owner repeated the words multiple times during the property inspection “I wish we got this done long ago”.

If you suspect you may have hidden moisture behind your walls that may be triggering your allergies, or there is mould growing in an area of the home that you can’t explain, why not get a free quote for a home thermal imaging/moisture test?

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