We Detect Hot Spots On Circuit Boards – See Picture

We detect hot spots on circuit boards using thermal imaging. This application also applies to computer servers, keyboards and any electrical components.

hot spot on circuit boardSave time and money by finding electrical issues in advance. A circuit board failure on a computer server could cause a long period of downtime, and cost your company money. With so many businesses relying on internet and intranet, don’t ingnore this potential problem… it happens!

We can come out to your company premises and conduct a thermal imaging scan over all computer servers and other electrical components powering your current systems.

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NZ Commerical Clients: NZ District Councils – Publically Listed NZ Companies – Banks – Shopping Center Chains – Shipping Companies – Mining Companies – Oil Companies – Offshore Oil Rigs – Marine Services – Production Companies – Engineering Companies – Electrical Contractors – Leisure Centers – and many others (Specific names available upon request).