How Does Moisture Get Inside Your Insulation? (See Photo)

There are multiple ways moisture can get inside your insulation, but this particular ‘method’ of moisture infiltration happens all the time behind walls, and is certainly a common cause of conductive heat loss in homes.

Did you ever suspect rodents could be eating into your insulation?

rodents eating insulation

This photo demonstrates a regular wall in a regular home that has visible cold spots as seen in the bottom half of the photo in black. After the missing insulation was detected by the thermal imaging camera, a further invasive inspection revealed the moisture had entered into the insulation due to the clever work of rodents behind the wall!

So the question you should ask yourself here is “Have I ever heard noises behind the wall that resemble an animal of some kind?”. If so, you may need to get an infrared scan of your home for defective insulation. Insulation is usually nice and warm in winter, and little animals in your wall are going to reside right in amongst it for there own survival… and eat away at it while they’re there!

Contact us for an insulation ‘check up’ before your walls fill with moisture!

Interesting fact: Wet insulation takes between 10-100 years to dry out (study conducted by USA university)

  (Photo -Infraspection Institute)