Leak Detection Methods and Services

Using the right leak detection methods can save lots of time with any type of leak!

This week I was called out to a leak detection job in Whitford, and when I arrived, the client told me they had been chasing this leak for 5 years! They had a deck replaced and re-waterproofed, roof flashings replaced, roofers in to seal everything they could… and as a result the leak ‘appeared’ to be fixed.

Not to be. With some driving rain, the leak reared it’s ugly head again 6 months later and made its way back onto the loungeroom floor through the ceiling above. Long story short…

I found the leak in 15 minutes flat… on a sunny day!

It all comes down to the method of leak detection you use… simple as that. Like any other profession, you see the same issues over and over again in houses once you’ve been in the game long enough, and this was a classic example of the home owner doing things the wrong way around.

Wouldn’t you agree that it makes sense to find out where the leak is coming in before calling a waterproofing company to look at your deck/roof? Of course they are going to sell you their service. Our leak detection services here in NZ are independant, meaning we don’t sell you remedial services once we find the problem.

In this case the thermal imaging camera was used to pinpoint signs of the leak location, and experienced ‘leak detective’ methods were employed.

We have a process of elimination leak detection system and methods that logically takes us to where the leak is coming in… all without needing to damage any part of your house… no holes in the walls!

Mold and Leaky Homes can Cause Depression, Asthma and Anxiety

Have you ever wondered why you start sneezing all of a sudden, or why your asthma suddenly comes on for no apparent reason? How about when you wake up in the morning and your tounge feels alittle rough, or excess mucus has ‘appeared out of no where?’

Here’s the immediate problem we all face in our homes, especially in NZ with our wet climate. Once your room temperature drops below a certain point, you automatically foster an atmosphere that has got ‘mold growth’ written all over it. The fact is that damp air produces mold, which then produces mold spores which you and I breath in. Unless you have strict air temperature control levels in your home, it’s likely you’ve got allergy catalysts hanging around in your home… and most of the time you can’t even see them.

Here’s a story the NZ Herald wrote about the toll excess moisture is taking on NZ, and what it’s costing us…

Depression and Respiratory Illness in $500 Mill Health Bill

Is your home, your coffin?

Contact NZ Leak & Heat Loss Detection Ltd today, we can see what the human eye can’t!