Ranch Slider Door Leak – Joinery Failure

Do you have ranch slider(s) in your home, or the home you’re looking to buy? 

The 2 photos below demonstrate what a leak around a ranch slider door looks like… and the damage it can cause!

The first infrared photo below shows a leak I found, thanks to a failure in the joinery on the second floor ranch slider leading out to a deck. You can see the moisture content is quite high (dark area), and has spread both ways along the skirting… but… the leak didn’t stop there!

The second photo is a leak in the garage directly underneath the ranch slider door upstairs. The water had made its way into the garage wall below. Take a look at these two images… (neither could be seen with the human eye)

Ranch slider door leak

ranch slider door joinery leak

Leak in Garage Wall Below

garage wall leak

Got a leak you can’t find? What about the home you’re looking to purchase, has it got hidden leaks?