Do You Have a Roof, Building Envelope or Insulation Warranty Still in Effect?

If you currently have a warranty in place for your roof, insulation or building envelope, here is some very important information for you to read…

Lets say you have a 5 yr builders warranty on your home roof, and 4 years have passed without a hitch. Does this mean there’s isn’t a problem with the roof, and everything should be fine? No. You may not be able to see it, but there could be air leaks, trapped water between the membrane and insulation, leaks in roof tiles, cracked tiles, popped nails on tin roofs etc. All these usually go undetected until it’s too late.

roof leak water infiltration

Get a thermal imaging scan to maximise your warranty!

What’s happening behind your walls? We can do a scan of your ceiling and see any unusual thermal anomalies that could be caused by either an air leak(s) or latent moisture. These common issues are usually a result of a roof failure.

We can take a thermal image of any detected issues found in your ceiling to assist your case if you need to make a warrenty claim! This method of early detection could also apply to any other current warranty you have on components in your home.

Call us today for a ‘warranty claim check up’.

(Pic provided by thermal imaging survey)