Can You Feel a Wind Draft Coming Through Your House?

Do you feel a slight air/wind drafting into your house?

Tracking down where a hidden air draft is entering your home isn’t as easy as it sounds… or is it?

An infrared thermal imaging camera is a great tool to detect where the air is sneaking into your home. If you see a curtain moving and you haven’t got any window or doors open, then it’s usually one of two things:

1) There is a wind draft in your home that could be floating across your ceiling and down the back of a curtain, or from under a door, or even through an unsealed scotia (like the photo below), or;

2) It’s a ghost (unlikely)

Below are two photo’s of air ‘sneaking’ into living spaces that shouldn’t be there, and in the meantime reducing the energy efficiency of the home…


Air drafting into the home between scotia and gib ceiling
Air drafting into the home between scotia and gib ceiling

In general, you won’t be able to detect where the air is entering your home because you can’t see it, and in most cases you won’t feel it either. Our thermal imaging camera will see it due to the minute change of temperature on the surface nearest to where the air is entering the building… as long as the outside air temperature drafting in is at least 6 degrees different to the surface temperature at it’s entry point.

Some people have even called to tell me they can feel warm air on their head, and cool air blowing across their feat at the same time when sitting on the family couch! That’s slightly annoying to say the least, but it must be coming from somewhere?