Hidden Water Leak Found Under Window

Have you ever heard the saying “What you don’t know won’t hurt you“?

The home owner of this Glenfield (Auckland) home below no longer agrees with the above statement.

On a routine home thermal imaging inspection yesterday, we uncovered a huge water leak around a window that certainly wasn’t visable to the human eye.

window leak thermal imaging

The only hint we had of potential moisture ingress in the area, was a small piece of paint that had slightly changed colour at the bottom of the wall on the bottom floor. This particular leak in the photo was originating from around a second floor window directly above the front door.

You will notice that in the righthand side of this picture, there is absolutely no sign of a leak? If you’ve been considering getting an infrared thermal imaging inspection, then this photo is a classic example of why you should get it done sooner rather than later.

Are you considering buying a home? This photo certainly demonstrates why you should get a moisture inspection in addition to a building inspection prior to handing over your hard earned dollars.

Here’s another window that leaked not long after being fixed in a North Shore home, as seen through our infrared camera…

The dark area in the centre of the image is water below the window.

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