Tracing the Source of a Water Leak in Your Home

Can you see signs of a leak in your home?

Can you detect were the leak is coming from?

We had an interesting scenario today on a routine leak detection in an Auckland home. The leak itself actually appeared on the ceiling about 1 meter to the side of a skylight (The home had a flat roof). The first thought is the water is surely coming in from the skylight somewhere”, but after testing the area with thermal imaging and a moisture meter, we found it was coming from a completely different area, and just so happened to end up penetrating the gib there.

So what can you do if you see a leak in your home?

Guess where it’s coming from. That’s about all you can do, especially if you don’t have the appropriate equipment to track the source of the leak.

The point of writing this information, is if we hadn’t gone into this particular home with the infrared camera, the home owner’s next course of action was to re-seal around the skylight, which wouldn’t have solved the problem at all.

Water can track sideways, angles, down, and even up. Unless you can clearly detect where the leak is tracking, then you may end up damaging parts of your home that aren’t required. You should certainly consider getting your leak tracked using our thermal imaging technology and moisture testing… then proceed to repair the source. Taking this course of action could certainly save you time and money, as it did for the home owner in the above case.

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