Aluminium Joinery Leak

Aluminium joinery that isn’t straight can cause leaks… and you usually won’t know until it’s too late!

So how far has the leak extended?

Recently I was conducting infrared leak inspections in Picton, Nelson and Blenheim area. One of the home owners had smelt signs of moisture in one of the rooms, but couldn’t see any issues. Within 30 seconds, I had detected a huge leak (see infrared photo below). The aluminium joinery around the window turned out to be the problem. We found the leak entry point, and luckily for the home owner the gib board below the window was still ok and didn’t need to be replaced.

The insulation in this area will be very moist, and will not dry out for some time… so this specific area will be moisture tested again after winter.

Here’s a photo of what window joinery failure can create….

aluminium joinery leak

Suspect a joinery leak?

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