DIY Rent, Hire or Lease a Thermal Imaging Camera

Has the thought of renting, hiring or leasing a thermal imaging camera crossed your mind?

A thermal imaging camera is world’s apart from your standard still shot camera, therefore the skills needed to operate infrared cameras are very specialised also. Only a certified thermologist should operate a thermal imaging camera, otherwise the image created from the emitted IR radiation via the camera detector may be misinterpreted.

A thermal imaging camera operator should be competent in the following:

Emmisivity – Knowledge in different emittence values (E-values) of materials, and knowledge of the efficiency materials emit radiation against a ‘blackbody’ is critical. Without knowledge of emmisivity, the thermal image created may be interpreted incorrectly leading to a misdiagnosis of the object being imaged.

Delta T: Having sufficient delta T is critical during a thermal imaging inspection. Incorrect conditions can cause subtle thermal anomalies to be missed.

Training on IR equipment: Navigating around a thermal imaging camera needs specific training. Adjusting the focus, level, gain and colour palettes for each inspection to create detailed thermal images is important in the process of an inspection.

Back up Moisture Meter and Confirmation Equipment: When conducting a thermal imaging inspection, all thermal anomalies should be confirmed with a moisture meter if imaging potential areas of excess moisture, such a NZ leaky home or ‘leaky building’ inspections. When imaging electrical components, a certified operator of ammeter’s and voltmeter’s (usually an electrician) should be present for the inspection to confirm load readings.

The above are just a few of the skills needed to operate a thermal imaging camera successfully.

certified thermologists

What other options are available for you?

You can hire a certified thermographer for a day:

Home buyers: You can benefit by lining up all your home inspections for one day, and simply take our thermographer with you to all inspections. This will work out cheaper for you, and as a result increasing your return on investment. Using thermal imaging during a building inspection can save you from buying a ‘lemon’.

Company Owners: Any size company, plant, factory or any business that has machinery which draws high electrical current or has rotating machinery, should seriously consider a thermal imaging inspection.

 A thermal imaging camera can pick up temperature increases/decreases on components weeks before the situation becomes catastrophic and a complete unscheduled shutdown occurs. An ‘unexpected’ shutdown of machinery can cost a company both product and wages… a thermal imaging inspection can help prevent this situation.

You can hire our company for a day (or whatever time frame needed) for a complete thermal imaging inspection of your entire workplace for faults, overloads, areas of excess temperature, or imbalanced loading on machinery.

Contact us for our thermographer day rates (Best value)

Interesting: The average return on investment of hiring a thermographer averages 4:1, and up to 11:1 for predictive and preventive maintenance on electrical systems!


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