Gutter Leak Causes ‘Leaky Home’

Don’t panic if your home has leaks… it doesn’t mean it’s a leaky home.

Here’s what a client ‘expressed concern’ about recently during a pre purchase infrared moisture inspection…

Whilst doing a pre purchase inspection for leaks in Glenfield recently, we came across a leak with the infrared camera that was quite a heavy one (see photo below). The potential buyer of the home hit the panic button and said to me “is this a leaky home?“.

leaking gutter

There is a BIG difference between a ‘home with leaks’ and a ‘leaky home’. For starters, the home was built in the 70’s, had weatherboard cladding and eves. The buyer wasn’t really aware of the basic ‘red flags’ for a leaky building, such as no eves, generally have plaster cladding, no cavity, untreated timber etc etc. This home was quite the opposite.

If you come across a leak in the building you live in, or a home you’re looking to buy, then in many cases it’s just that… a leak. The photo below is a heavy leak I found with the thermal imaging camera. The seller of the home investigated the exterior of the home directly above the suspect area, and it turned out to be a blocked gutter that was full of water and had overflowed back over the soffit and down into the walls.

Regardless, it’s lucky the home buyer knew about this leak for negotiation purposes. Don’t buy a home in NZ until you know what’s behind the walls!

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