Thermal Imaging Detects Butanol Deck Leak

Do you have butanol waterproofing on your deck?

If you have a leak in a room under a deck, there is a way to find the leak fast…

Recently I was called out to a home because the builder couldn’t detect where a leak was coming from. Although he suspected the deck was the issue, it was a matter of what part of the deck it was entering.

The righthand photo below shows the damage to the wall the builder caused while looking for the leak, and the lefthand photo shows exactly what I saw with the thermal imaging camera. The dark area at the top of the ceiling is the source of the leak which was finding it’s way down the wall and appearing around the skirting.

Rather then doing damage to your walls and guessing where the leak is coming in, give me a call. The thermal imaging camera could ‘fast track’ your remedial work, or potentiallybutanol deck waterproofing confirm the source of the leak.

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