Hot Water Leak

Hot water heater – Depending on quality, most water heaters only last 10 to 15 years.

A simple hot water leak in the home can lead to major damage (timber rot) in the surrounding area. If you can see any wet spots on the floor, or any signs of rust of your hot water cylinder, this could well be a ‘red flag’ that you need to investigate further.

hot water leak

Hot water heaters ideally should be located on the lowest floor in the home. If your hot water cylinder is located above or adjacent to other finished spaces, take the time to have a good look around the drain pan to check if it’s draining properly, and not overflowing.

Water leaks in ceilings are often caused by either the hot water cylinder itself leaking, or a leaking pipe feeding off the hot water tank. Some home owners will clearly notice they have a leak on their first floor ceiling, but can’t work out if it’s actually coming from a leak in the roof on the top story of the home, or if the leak starts within the ceiling between the two levels in question.

We can do a thermal imaging scan on your home to determine if the leak is coming from the roof, or somewhere inbetween. Give us a call before you start ripping any walls apart, as an infrared scan could save you time and money!

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