How to Reduce Your Home Energy Bills

 Most of us don’t have excess money to burn on energy bills, and it can be very annoying when your bill arrives and it’s bigger than the last bill for no apparent reason!

Here’s 11 no-cost tips to help reduce your energy bills….

reduce energy bills

Turn off lights when you leave the room.
Use cold water for laundry, and wash only full loads.
Use sun and wind to dry your laundry.
Repair leaky hot water taps.
Close windows and curtains at sunset in the winter.
When you buy a new appliance, ask for an energy efficient model (check its energy rating label, or check for models with an Energy Star).
Exclude draughts with a stuffed snake under the door.
Switch appliances off at the wall when you’re not using them – otherwise they could be guzzling standby energy.
Check your hot water cylinder to see if it is set at 60 ºC (140 ºF).
Use the microwave instead of the oven.
Put an extra blanket on the bed instead of using an electric blanket.

(Thanks to Contact Energy for the above tips)

The biggest area of heat loss in the home is missing insulation (see picture). We can quickly identify areas in your home where heat is escaping, therefore saving you money long term in energy bills!

Contact us today for a moisture and heat loss scan of your home!

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