Photo of Laundry Leak Detected by Thermal Imaging Camera

Here is what a leak looks like on the exterior of a building using thermal imaging. We can detect leaks through your wall from both the interior and exterior!

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laundry leak

It’s amazing how many laundries seem to leak. Any wet area needs to be check on a regular basis, because it only takes a very small leak to gradually drip away behind a wall (loose tap fittings) and then the ‘cancer like’ damage begins.

If you’ve ever had flood or overflow in the bathroom or laundry, you should also get a thermal imaging check up, regardless if you think it all went down the drain. The reason for this is because at some stage the water would have touched the edge of the wall, and if you have the slighest of gaps or a small hole (i.e Size of a nail hole), then water would have gotten in no problem at all. 

Don’t leave your home to chance!

Contact us today for a complete thermal scan on the wet areas in your home today!

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